What Mel Pittman Stands for

Jobs and Economic Growth

Taxes should be low and fair so our businesses grow and our families prosper, and public assistance should be a hand-up, not just a handout. Mel will support welfare reform while continuing to push for job training to prepare people of all ages for the careers of tomorrow.



Mel believes it’s critical that we protect our most vulnerable, especially seniors and those with pre-existing conditions. He will fight for health care reforms that restore the doctor-patient relationship, increase access to quality health care for everyone - especially in under-served rural areas - and reduce costs. It’s time to lighten the burden of health care costs on middle class families, farmers and small business people.


Education and School Safety

All our children deserve a great education, no matter what their family's zip code. Mel will make sure our schools have the resources they need so kids thrive. Mel supports the recent efforts to enhance school security and will continue that work to ensure every teacher and student feels safe in their classroom.



Mel will use his lifetime of practical problem solving experience to forge a solution to our transportation funding needs. He will work to ensure our region has what it needs to fix our roads, restore our infrastructure and connect all our homes and businesses to high speed internet. It’s time for a solution.


Pro-Life and Pro-Family

Mel stands for the dignity of all human life. He supports the family structure that’s essential for children to learn respect, discipline and responsibility.





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